Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sketchbook: conch

Having met on Saturday morning for the inaugural Cayman Ladies' Art Society meeting I present the fruit of my first week's labours. It's a modern and bright change of pace for me, but I'm enjoying the hot pink on turquoise. (The second image is as art directed by PT, the traditionalist, who frankly hates the bright version.) What do you think?

Cayman Ladies' Art Society is an excuse to meet, eat, drink, gossip and draw, we currently comprise of three art and cake enthusiasts, an Australian,  a South African and a Brit. I hosted the event this week, so with a cloudy seven mile beach as our backdrop we diligently set about sketching, rendering and painting (and eating and drinking).

We have our first Society outing this week, which pleasantly coincides with my first piece of curating. I'm assistant curator to 'Beloved Isle Cayman', the latest art exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Who knows, maybe the Cayman Ladies' Art Society will feature in the next exhibition?!

Here's the flyer for this Wednesday's event, which I also designed, I'm looking forward to meeting the artists and seeing their vivid island inspired work in person.


  1. I'm with PT on this one- love the paintings, especially P.Broderick- love your sketches xx

  2. Patrick's is actually a photograph, but we've just hung the show, and I swear that image (printed onto canvas) will sell immediately. He's a lovely man, met him today. I've met all the artists now, it's been a real pleasure getting to know them and their work. A long (8am-8pm) but enjoyable day at the RItz, I made 4 sales already, just while we were hanging the show.