Thursday, 11 February 2010

Money, money, money

In my bid to educate you in the ways of the island, as cold and boring as it may sound today's lesson is money. The Cayman Islands have two things in abundance, banks and churches. I thought I'd show you the colour of money, it's kinda pretty right?

There are also $100, $50 and $5 notes, but I'm fresh out of those today. Everywhere on the island accepts both Cayman Dollars (KYD or CI as they're commonly abbreviated) and US Dollars, but you get a better rate if you use Cayman Dollars.

$25 - Golden - a map of The Cayman Islands on the back
$10 - Red/Purple - Cayman beach on the back
$1 - Blue - Angel fish on the back, which we've seen while snorkelling incidentally, they're really beautiful.

We save these Blue notes for the bus, which is $2 each way and they're not best pleased to break large notes. Although I do enjoy hearing the Caribbean tones of "Hey driverrrr, ya got change for a fif-tyyyyy" and the driver muttering under his breath.

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