Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Be as right as rain

The heavens just opened on Grand Cayman, I think she needed it, there was an oppressive air hanging today. Although we've been here over a month, we're still a long way from settled, there are still many, many obstacles to overcome but we're persevering, I wish some of this would get wrapped up so that we can get on with enjoying the island.

That isn't meant to sound heavy, but we're quickly learning the quirks of (trying) to get things done here, slowly, slowly, we're getting there. We're close to getting the jeep, which I'll certainly appreciate, the four miles walking in Cayman Sunshine to the airport only to find that it was a fruitless journey was somewhat irksome.

Still, after the rain, things are brighter now, maybe we just needed a good soak. I'll try to sound like less of a drip on my next post.

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