Monday, 8 February 2010

Cayman Bakery

As the adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention, which is why I've been nudged into baking my first ever bread loaf, and it wasn't half bad!

On this island you can either buy small sweet American style loaves, (why would you put sugar in bread? Bread is a savoury!) or stupidly expensive fresh bread, we're talking $6 for a small tin loaf, so keeping up the British desire for sandwiches I decided to give bread baking a go. Despite loving cake baking, I've avoided bread until now, but I'm pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to Ferg and Lorenza for bread advice, I made a really sticky mess of the kitchen but after several hours of rising and proving, here's the finished article. I followed this recipe with butter instead of oil, and I added a dish of water in the oven to make it a more humid baker's oven environment, a great tip from the hand-to-mouth blogger himself.


  1. The bread looks delicious- Michelle's bloomer!! that's the 'yeast' you could do for PT !! xxx

  2. Oh dear mother of mine, this is where I get my pun love from, it's obviously the way you 'raised' me. At least this way we can save our 'dough', now that's really using my 'loaf'.