Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sketchbook: all at sea

While sketching by the pool, I looked up and saw this pirate ship sail by. How surreal, when did that become a normal occurrence?! It certainly made me do a double take and scribble it down into my composition.

Now walk the plank and jump in to the pool me hearties. Arrrrrrrr.


  1. I'm really enjoying the sketchbook images M, I'd forgotten what a lovely quality of line you have. Sunset at Plantana is fabulous and has a similar quiet mood to this. I'd be interested to see if you could take these individual scenes and build them up into a meaningful large scale themed composition. Tutor hat off now.. thanks for the money tips, I'll be testing them out soon enough :-)

  2. love the blue hues on this sketch- what a view xx could you find the aqua colour that I love and apply the same technique on a sketch? x

  3. Jem, 'a meaningful large scale themed composition', could you elaborate, I'm afraid stepping away from the rat race has decreased my brain size. :-)

    Actually bower468 aka mum, this was originally a much lighter, brighter hue, much like 'your blue' but it didn't work, because it was sunset the colours needed to be more subdued. There will be a brighter one coming up.