Saturday, 3 July 2010

Swimming with turtles

Today PT and I swam with turtles, specifically green sea turtles, and it was amazing. We had our snorkel gear and we swam above, alongside and after them, if was like featuring in Finding Nemo. They are so graceful, streamlined and fast.

Since we've officially entered rainy season/hurricane season, the weekends are now having to be filled with rainy day activities. We decided to visit Boatswain's Beach in West Bay, locally known as the turtle farm.

The attraction is focused towards turtle conservation, but it's a sad truth that they also grown some of the turtles to sell for their meat, which hit the headlines earlier this year when the price of turtle meat soared. Irrespective of how it tastes (and I have no idea how it tastes) these creatures are beautiful and undeniably cute in baby form.
You're able to hold the baby turtles, by simply picking them up from their holding tanks (they're grouped by age and size), it's wonderful to view and touch these creatures, but it's even better seeing them in the water and swimming in their world.
Boatswain's Beach also has nature trails (which we couldn't complete due to the storm that came), a predator tank full of sharks, lagoons and a Caribbean aviary, where we saw parrots and wading birds. The bright red ibises are so beautiful as are the cheeky Cayman parrots which camouflage perfectly in their trees with tiny pink flowers.

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