Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer101: what's in a name?

Sometimes the name of a painting can be enough to sway a purchase, so I'm throwing this out to you, what should this painting be called? It's more traditional that my other pieces, but also more impressionist.

It's 12" x 9" mixed media on canvas, based on an image taken at dusk/twilight on Seven Mile Beach.

It's also better viewed from a distance. :-)

Any name with a hint of Cayman, Seven Mile or local spots also is favourable as a holiday memento, but I'm open to all suggestions. Answers in the Comments please.


  1. Mum: "Cayman Sings the Blues"
    Dad: "Heaven Seven"
    Tammy: "Tammy is the sunshine of my life"

    All made me smile, thanks.

  2. Oops, no idea why that's there twice. Ally Clarke, a photographer in the Summer101 exhibition has suggested:
    "happy hour, seven mile beach"