Sunday, 17 January 2010

Watch out David Attenborough

Watch out, because there are two new marine biologists on the scene, in the same day that I discovered a giant lobster, Paul discovered a new species entirely! But it turns out we're both a bit rubbish and misidentified our oceanic discoveries.

I had been snorkelling for about 15minutes, the sea gets deep very quickly, I guess that's how so many cruise liners are able to get in, in some parts 5metres out I can't touch the seabed anymore. Anyway I
was swimming near some plants (is that the right term when they're underwater?) and let out an almighty scream into my snorkel. 1m below my fins was a humongous 'lobster' the size of a domestic pet and it was flicking it's long 'antennae' far too close to me for my liking. Like the good trainee marine biologist I am, I called for a second opinion. PT concurred it was humongous, but noted that it appeared to have no equally huge pincers. I rallied back that they must be hiding by its side, or may have fallen off. See, Mr. Attenborough really has nothing to fear.

Later the same day, in a different location, PT discovered a new species with the body of a fish and the face of an octopus. (I momentarily thought that maybe it was a fish eating an octopus but kept this thought to myself, I then enjoyed some moments thinking of it's hybrid name). My fellow marine biologist proudly gave the fish its eponymous name, dubbing it the 'Paul-fish'. Having gone to examine the Paul-fish I was a little creeped out, it really did have the body of a fish and the face of an octopus, and enormous eyes. Also it didn't move, just floated next to its mate next to a buoy. I got out of there incase it inked me or whatever squids do (because really I thought it was a squid type thing, but didn't want to dampen my colleague's feelings of discovery.)

Later still, that same day we spotted some American tourists snorkelling near to the Paul-fish, and one particularly mouthy Yank yelled out that he'd found some cuttlefish. "I think you'll find they're Paul-fish" PT said under his breath.


  1. Ha ha, no doubt 'Paul-fish' will catch on anyway and everyone will start to use it, soon relegating the poor creature's real name to a mere memory. That's how it works right?

  2. Well Paul certainly hopes so. Seriously though I'm not sure I'll get used to the abundance of life under the sea, it's a tad creepy! I accidentally swam through a shoal of tubular dark grey fish. Who knows what they're called!

  3. In fairness, given the choice of watching planet Earth narrated by the frisky 127 year-old himself Mr Attenbrough or the same program dubbed with expert marine biologists BB and PT I think I know which I'd choose!
    Very entertaining stuff. In Kent we don't really get much marinelife to name but I did name a McDonalds worker once due to her uncanny likeness to Brian May once of Guns and Roses.

  4. Russki, you card, I hope you're enjoying the blog. So you'd rather see our expertise on tv hey? Well, maybe we'll shoot some footage of the next species we discover!

  5. Just had a good old read at your blog,sounds very nice over there. Won't be long before we are dipping our toes in those waters!!!! looking forward to seeing the results of your house hunt.
    Take care both of you. Speak soon. xxxxx