Monday, 11 January 2010


So you may have noticed the poll in the right hand column, it's there for a week, I'll be updating them so that you can be involved in our decisions, some will be be banal, important or just plain nonsense. But this week, we're talking property. Property in the Caribbean. Wowsers.

Thankfully I was recommended the services of a real estate agent so I've been spending time with my realtor, who for the sake of privacy (on this tiny island everyone will know who I'm referring to if I use real names) let's call her Pam. And let me tell you, realtor Pam is a diamond. She's the perfect mix of reassuringly motherly, sassy and wise-cracking. I realise I'd gotten used to the wily ways of London estate agents, but clearly as the Malibu adverts concur they're seriously easygoing over here. I tried to explain about the fierceness and fear-inducing ways of her London counterparts and she looked bemused; 'the thing is honey, I have to live on this little island too and if I sell you a bad-fit then I'd know, I'd see you all the time and just feel rotten'.

A caring estate agent?!

At one point I wandered into a walk in wardrobe squealing that I've lived in bedrooms the size of it, Pam smiles and drawls 'honey you're like Carrie in Sex And The City'. I love Pam. I think she thinks I'm a trophy wife and near slammed on the brakes when I told her I was a copywriter back in London town, I think I went up ten notches in her estimations. We got on remarkably well and I was glad I'd made such a concerted effort to plan what to wear to meet my her. You may scoff, but girls, I know you understand. Incidentally, see image above. Also that is a genuine image of a 'back-yard' I viewed. Eeeeek!

So while I continue to nosey around houses that should feature in MTV Cribs, my top three properties so far are in the locations in the poll. Beach, Quayside or in Town, what do you say Internets?


  1. Yes Michelle, we've noticed the poll AND the little feedback mechanic at the bottom. You've managed to pull off your own little 'measuring happiness'project in under a week, I hate you.

    All sounds amazing dude!

  2. OMG please can we see photos of the said walk-in closet. Indulge me. I vote beach btw. xx

  3. Yes I must agree the walk-in closet would sell it for me.

    Liking your cutout header image btw - especially that lovely bag!

    Hope you find a place soon x

  4. Hi guys! The walk-in wardrobe pics don't do it justice but if we take that property I'll post a vid, how about that?

    Also Elise I know you were responsible for the purchase of the bag, it's gorgeous, goes with everything and is super useful, so 10/10.

    I thought I'd mix it up with my images, hopefully not let my design skills get too rusty, there'll be illustrations and painting here at some point too.

    I vote beach too. :-)