Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Room with a view

Today we moved out of room 313 and I'd love to tell you into our sparkly new condo, but instead we moved into room 323.

Now 323 may seem deceptively close to 313, but oh no, the number-giver-outers decided to place 323 down two flights of stairs (no lifts) 300m behind the grill restaurant/breakfast room up two flights of stairs (lifts ditto) and there, sweating and panting there they placed 323, our room, hopefully for just a short duration.

So we lugged 2 giant overweight suitcases, 2 small but deceptively heavy cabin sized suitcases, 2 rucksacks, 2 computers, 2 17" flatscreen monitors, 1 suit bag, 2 handbags, 1 snorkel and flipper bag, 2 beach towels, one printer and four bags of food from 313 to 323.

Did I mention it was midday and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade? Anyway, mustn't dwell on the number system, because last night we looked around a potential home where 3, 4, 22, 23, 40 and 41 all live on the same block, which is different. Maybe it's a Caymanian thing to keep them entertained at the tourists' expense?

While we keep our fingers crossed and present gifts to the Caribbean rental gods, I sit here on the bed in 232 drawing the other bed, (the room incidentally has two double beds, always handy for one couple I find, and an upgrade on 313 with just the one bed.) I sit here drawing the familiar decor. A simple and clean room, and hopefully not home for much longer. I think I've become a little obsessed with the pattern on these cushions, cabin fever has officially struck.

Speaking of which, the air conditioning unit you can just see in the picture, under the window has been lovingly named Arnold, for no good reason other than in a small room, I think you eventually go mad. No other appliance names currently exist, although if you'd like to name our tv, the brand is Sceptre, so suggestions are more than welcome. More interesting news to follow soon, hopefully...


  1. How interesting and Will it be room 23 I wonder?
    I would name your tv 'respect' a nice little anagram of your brand!!! xxxxxxxx

  2. Good anagram, but gladly as things turned out, we were only to stay one more night, the next day we signed the lease on a new home! No. 22 (wish it had been 23, the number of all good things), but hey.