Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sketchbook: punters and enduring love

I was enjoying the silhouettes of the punters on the sea, although I can't fully see the point of this pastime, (are they building up to surfing, or training for Venice?) Either way they made some great shapes (and falling noises) against the calm evening sky.

We see a lot of couples strolling up and down the beach, I was told that 7 Mile Beach (7MB) is like Florida, full of retired couples and kids. I especially like to see the older couples, still making each laugh and still holding hands in the sea (while watching the falling punters). They barely move, so they're great for drawing too.


  1. It would be lovely to be standing quietly in those seas, especially with you there.

  2. Well as soon as we sort out a home, then you can book the flights! Looking forward to showing you around. xxx

  3. Thanks Wadey, I even managed to do a small amount of painting last night too. So how about you, when will you start painting and drawing again? New Year's resolution?!