Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Summer101: final Bowerbird sales

Not only is the show nearing it's end, but so is my time on island. I went to take down my artwork and found a lovely surprise, TWO of my paintings have sold in the last few days. There I was thinking the euphoria of selling my work was behind me when it snuck up on me again.

Enduring love on Seven Mile
My two wooden framed 'doodles' will find their new home in a Michiganian's Summer House, I'm told they thought my work was perfect for it and reasonably priced too. Score!

People Watching on Seven Mile Beach
Although I'm sad not to be able to keep them myself, I'm pleased that a little piece of Bowerbird will reach another home and nest. Sorry Mum, looks like that's two less paintings for your walls.


  1. oh how lovely - my loss their gain -
    artwork going global xx ma

  2. I like so much your works!
    Nice blog =)

    follow you right now!
    Check out my blog too =)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Yours is fantastic, you are very talented!