Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Sketchbook: concertina Plantana

As the days slowly evaporate I'm trying to make sure I have some record of my surroundings. A grey drizzly afternoon left me sat under the an awning in the garden sketching my home.

Plantana - we're are mostly obscured by the palm tree in this view, but I focussed on our block, we're the second floor and have the most divine view of Seven Mile Beach every day. I added Plantana's logo as I'm rather fond of it.

Hidden lounger - waiting for the rain to pass, I spied this reclusive lounger almost totally hidden by foliage.

I'm really partial to the chunky and simple furniture at Plantana, so lovely to draw, lots of clean lines too.

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  1. i could see these sketches in a travel brochure for Cayman--lovely xx