Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rainy season is making me think of an English Autumn

Hello from my tiny island, although not as tiny as the sister islands I visited last weekend. We had a whirlwind tour of Little Cayman (airport) and Cayman Brac. It is truly incredible how those people live there, I for one already miss the shops of London town. Yes, call me materialistic, but I don't need to buy, just need to be around the new beautiful things. Sorry about that. This is Grand Cayman's East End, the rustic and idyllic end of our island. Pretty huh?

This week it's been very rainy, I feel for the tourists when it's like that, there's little else to do when it rains, this is very much an outdoor kind of place. All this precipitation has me thinking about England and the Autumnal weather I will return to in October/November and I must admit I'm pretty excited about it. Don't tell the boy!

I spotted a competition over at Zuneta, a great online beauty website who keep me informed of  seasonal make up changes, not that I ever do anything different, but I still like to know, you know? Anyway, the competition is to say how you'd spend £200 at Laura Ashley or Zuneta, so I got greedy and told them I'd spend £200 at each store, by creating the perfect Autumnal night in. I got a little carried away and created the mood-board above.

The perfect Autumnal night in, involves low lighting, a Malin & Goetz mojito candle, a rich Sjal face mask while painting my toes in Essie's 'little brown dress' and relaxing back on my Elsham Chunky Knit throw and cushions (they're called Vittorio and Henry) while re-reading one of my favourite books, The Time Traveler's Wife and nibbling on chocolate, watching the candle light flicker off those fabulous mirrors. Isn't that bird so Bowerbird?! There's still a few days to enter if you're up for it head over to Zuneta.

As I finish typing this, the sun is coming out and I can see the rainwater mistily evaporating, it's kind of beautiful in a OMG it's humid kind of way. I leave you with my favourite picture from our adventurous day in Cayman Brac last Saturday. I'm atop a rock looking out over The Bluff, a 140 foot sheer drop down to the ocean. It was a beautiful if fleeting moment and one I should remember when I next face a cold Autumnal day in London.

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