Monday, 1 March 2010

Introducing Pajero

Here's our new toy, the nippy and cute Pajero, here more specifically is PT trying to leave me behind on a deserted beach, the scamp. Look at his cheeky face!

We took the jeep to stretch its legs on a trip to Rum Point, it's the furthest destination on the island and took us about an hour to get to, and it was a beautiful Caribbean idyll, see them on Flickr.

A little history about our new toy, he was imported from Japan and we're the first islanders to drive him, I say him we think he's a him. We had to go and get the license plates and (PT) put them on, it's all very DIY on the island, and we're learning on the hoof, but I'm certainly relieved to have a car for food shopping, no more lugging shopping bags.

PT's been my chauffeur for the past few days, but I had to drive him to the airport today, and I was a little thrown by the automatic controls, it feels unnatural, more like driving a go-kart. I'm sure I'll get more confident driving on the island, the max speed is 40mph and no-one's in hurry so it's actually quite enjoyable driving here.

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