Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer101: updated artwork and more doodles

"Ochre Urchin" has been updated and now has a bright blue background, which I think works better.
10" x 10" mixed media on canvas.

Here's a new addition, "Enduring Love" is based on a sketch I did early on in my days in Grand Cayman, a lovely old couple holding hands in the sea. 11" x 14" mixed media on canvas.

I recreated the paddle-board sketch on this 14" x 11" canvas, since PT has taken a shine to the original one I made. I'm hoping the Ritz-Carlton guests will also take a shine to this piece, which goes into the gallery this week.


  1. These are incredible - I adore the Enduring Love one.

  2. thanks Lizzie, I think they photograph pretty well, they're actually incredibly simple in person, especially Enduring Love, but there's something about that one I particularly like too, even when I paint, it's like a doodle!

    I had to stop myself from colouring in the couple, in the end I left them as transparent smurfs.